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Social responsibility lead implementer


ISO 26000 Lead Implementer course gives you the skills you’ll need to help an organisation contribute to sustainable development using ISO 26000. You will also obtain a solid understanding of the key subjects, ideas, and practises of social responsibility and be able to apply them successfully in a company through this training session.


Who this course applies to

  • Managers or consultants who are concerned about and dedicated to social responsibility.
  • Expert consultants who want to help companies contribute to long-term sustainability by encouraging them to go beyond legal compliance.
  • Individuals in charge of integrating and developing Social Responsibility behaviour inside a company
  • Individuals interested in gaining a thorough understanding of the main principles around social responsibility.


Learning objectives

  • Understand the ISO 26000 concepts, phrases, and definitions, which are required to ensure an organisation’s contribution to long-term sustainability.
  • To identify important situations and develop goals, master the basic subjects of Social Responsibility.
  • Learn how to apply the basic principles and practises of social responsibility to your life.


Structure of training

  • This course is focused on theory as well as best practises for integrating Social Responsibility into a company.
  • Examples based on case studies are used to illustrate lecture sessions.
  • Role playing and conversations are part of the practical exercises, which are based on a case study.
  • The Certification Exam is comparable to the practise examinations.


Additional Information

For more information and pricing please reach out to us here at Cryptv through our contacts page.


Mar 04 - 08 2022

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