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Lead  Privacy  Implementer  training  enables  you  to  develop  the  necessary  expertise  to  support  an  organization  in  designing,  implementing,  operating  and  maintaining  Information  and  Communication  Technology  (ICT)  systems  that  handle  and  protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII). During this training course, you will also have the opportunity to support an organization  in  improving  privacy  programs  through  the  use  of  best  practices  and  spur  innovative  solutions  that  enable  the  protection of PII within ICT systems.

After mastering all the necessary concepts of ISO/IEC 29100, you can sit for the exam and apply for a “PECB Certified Lead Privacy Implementer” certificate. By holding a PECB Lead Privacy Implementer Certificate, you will demonstrate that you have the practical knowledge and professional capabilities to implement and manage a privacy framework within an organization.


  • Understand how to design, build and lead an organization’s privacy programs covering business processes, ICT systems and services
  • Knowledge of ISO 29100 best practice privacy frameworks
  • Be confident to develop a privacy framework that supports with compliance to privacy legislation

Who this course applies to?

  • Managers or consultants involved and concerned with privacy security
  • Privacy security managers responsible for defining the privacy safeguarding requirements related to PII within an ICT environment
  • Members of an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) system
  • Data protection and privacy officers

Learning objectives

  • Comprehend the privacy principles of ISO/IEC 29100
  • Acknowledge the correlation between the concept of ISO/IEC 29100 and ISO/IEC 27000
  • Master the terminology, concepts and approaches used for the design, implementation, operation and maintenance of ICT systems that handle and protect PII
  • Learn how to interpret the high-level framework for the protection of PII with ICT systems in a specific context of an organization as provided by ISO/IEC 29100
  • Learn how to effectively advise organizations in defining their privacy safeguarding requirements related to PII

Structure of training 

Day 1: Introduction to ISO/IEC 29100 and initiation of a Privacy Framework

  • Course objective and structure
  • Standard and regulatory framework
  • Privacy Framework based on ISO 29100hFundamental Principles of Privacy
  • Privacy Legislation US & Europe
  • Initiating the Privacy Framework implementation
  • Understanding the organization and clarifying the privacy objectives

Day 2: Plan the implementation of a Privacy Framework

  • Analysis of Existing Controls
  • Leadership and approval of the Privacy Framework project
  • Privacy Framework Scope
  • Policy for privacy
  • Risk and impact assessment
  • Control Statement and management decision to implement the Privacy Framework
  • Definition of the organizational structure of Privacy

Day 3: Implementation of a Privacy Framework

  • Definition of the document management process
  • Design of controls and drafting of specific policies & procedures
  • Communication plan
  • Training and awareness plan
  • Implementation of privacy controls
  • Incident and Data Breach Management
  • Operations Management

Day 4: Privacy Framework monitoring, measurement, continuous improvement and evaluation

  • Monitoring, Measurement, Analysis and Evaluation
  • Internal Audit
  • Management Review
  • Treatment of problems and points of concern
  • Continual improvement
  • Competence and evaluation of implementers
  • Closing the training

Day 5: Certification Exam

Additional Information

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Jul 26 - 30 2022

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