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Lead Incident Manager


Throughout this course you will acquire the ability to master a model for applying an incident management procedure throughout your organization whilst utilising the ISO 27035 standard as an indication structure.


This training uses practical tasks, so the individual will develop the essential information and abilities to manage information security instances within a time frame by remaining accustomed with their life cycle. Throughout the course, it will offer the ISO 27035 information security incident management standard, a process models for inventing and evolving an organizational incident management procedure, and exactly how businesses apply the model.

This particular course corresponds with ISO 27035 which assists ISO 27001 by delivering supervision for incident management.  The training information has included and cogitated important industry standards which include NIST SP 800-61.

Who this course applies to:

  • Consultants in security and Business Process
  • Managers in Business Continuity
  • Mangers in Regulatory Compliance
  • Managers in Information Security Risks
  • Incident managers

Learning Objectives

  • Master the concepts, approaches, methods, tools and techniques that enable an effective Information Security Incident Management according to ISO/IEC 27035
  • Acknowledge the correlation between ISO/IEC 27035 and other standards and regulatory frameworks
  • Acquire the expertise to support an organization to effectively implement, manage and maintain an Information Security Incident Response plan
  • Acquire the competence to effectively advise organizations on the best practices of Information Security Incident Management
  • Understand the importance of establishing well-structured procedures and policies for Incident Management processes
  • Develop the expertise to manage an effective Incident Response Team

Structure of training

  • Day 1: Introduction to Information Security Incident Management concepts as recommended by ISO/IEC 27035
  • Day 2: Designing and preparing an Information Security Incident Management plan
  • Day 3: Enacting the Incident Management process and handling Information Security incidents
  • Day 4: Monitoring and continual improvement of the Information Security Incident Management plan
  • Day 5: Certification Exam

Additional Information

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Mar 28 - 31 2022

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