ITIL® 4 Leader: Digital & IT Strategy (DITS)

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ITIL® 4 Leader: Digital & IT Strategy (DITS)


This is what ITIL DITS is all about: how to handle the high-level strategic and business-centric aspects of managing real-world IT. ITIL DITS training can be extremely helpful in aligning business and IT, as well as helping IT managers pursue higher-level roles. Kickstart your ITIL 4: DITS training today!


  • Improved performance.
  • Increased efficiencies.
  • Trained staff with an understanding of Service Management is a digital organisation.

Who this course applies to:

  • Organizations wishing to adopt ITIL DITS’ best practices
  • ITIL 4 students hoping to complete the ITIL 4 Strategic Leader branch of modules
  • ITIL 4 practitioners hoping to earn the ITIL Master qualification
  • IT managers who require a greater understanding of business-centric management elements
  • High-level business managers and stakeholders who require a greater sense of perspective regarding digital and IT strategy

Learning Objectives

  • Exactly how IT shapes business strategy in the world’s most successful organizations
  • How technology is disrupting different industries and sectors across the globe
  • How successful business leaders are responding to the situation
  • How to design and implement IT and digital strategies that can thrive even throughout the disruptive environment of modern IT

Structure of training

  • Welcome to ITIL 4 Strategic Leader: Digital & IT Strategy
  • Domain 1: Essential Components / The Journey Starts Here
  • Domain 2: What is Digital & IT Strategy?
  • Domain 3: Where are we now?
  • Domain 4: Where do we Want to be?
  • Domain 5: Are we Ready?
  • Domain 6: How do we get There?
  • Domain 7: Essential Strategic Factors: Innovation
  • Domain 8: Essential Strategic Factors: Risk
  • Domain 9: Taking Action
  • Domain 10: Did we get There?
  • Domain 11: Digital Leadership
  • Domain 12: ITIL 4 Leader: Digital & IT Strategy Wrap-up

Additional Information

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May 05 - 07 2022

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