ISO/TS 22317 Business Impact Analysis

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ISO/TS 22317 Business Impact Analysis


Having the necessary knowledge to outline a detailed process for executing the Business Impact Analysis effectively will allow you to advance your expertise. As an ISO 22317 certified professional, you will be able to assist your organisation in identifying Business Continuity requirements that are critical to the organisation and its stakeholders. You will also be able to set a timeframe to restore the organisation after a disruptive event and determine the essentials for resuming operations after a disaster.


All businesses are vulnerable to incidents or unintended events that can have a variety of negative consequences, such as decreased productivity, economic losses, a tarnished corporate reputation, or the loss of sensitive and confidential data. To mitigate these risks, the organisation must first identify the most obvious threats and the impact they would have on the organisation. ISO/TS 22317 Foundation training teaches you the fundamentals of conducting a Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

After finishing this course, you will be able to sit for the exam and apply for the “PECB Certified ISO/TS 22317 Foundation” credential. A PECB Foundation Certificate demonstrates that you have a basic understanding of the methodologies, requirements, framework, and management approach.

Who this course applies to

  • Employees involved in Business Continuity Management
  • Individuals interested in learning about the main processes of Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
  • Those who are keen on pursuing a career in Business Continuity Management

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the elements and components of the Business Impact Analysis (BIA) process
  • Understand the relationship between ISO/TS 22317, ISO 22301, and other regulatory frameworks and standards
  • Learn about the different approaches, methodologies, and strategies utilised in the Business Impact Analysis process



Structure of training

  • Practical questions and examples are used to accompany lecture sessions
  • Examples and discussions are included in the practical exercises
  • Practice exams are similar to the Certification Exam

Additional Information

For more information and pricing please reach out to us here at Cryptv through our contacts page.


Jun 07 2022

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