ISO 27002 – Manager

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ISO 27002 – Manager


  • ISO/IEC 27002 Manager training provides you with the knowledge you need to assist an organisation in implementing and managing Information Security Controls.
  • You will obtain a thorough understanding of Information Security Controls best practises.
  • You will be able to demonstrate that you have the practical knowledge and professional ability to develop and manage Information Security controls in an organisation if you possess a PECB Manager Certificate.

Who this course applies to

This course applies to a wide range of participants these include:

  • Managers who want to establish an Information Security Management System (ISMS) based on ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27002.
  • Individuals in an organisation who are in charge of information security
  • Information Security team member
  • Expert advisors in information technology
  • IT professionals
  • Privacy officers
  • Information Security officers

Learning Objectives

  • Acknowledge the correlation between ISO/IEC 27002 and ISO/IEC 27001
  • Understand how to apply ISO/IEC 27002’s Information Security Controls into practise
  • Develop the knowledge required to assist an organisation in effectively implementing, managing, and maintaining information security controls
  • Recognize the development and implementation of information security requirements and objectives.

Structure of training

  • This training is based on theory as well as best practises for implementing and managing information security controls
  • Examples based on case studies are used to illustrate lecture sessions
  • Some of the practical exercises will include role playing and discussions, which contribute to the case studies included
  • Practice exams are similar to the Certification Exam


Additional information

For more information and pricing please reach out to us here at Cryptv through our contacts page.



Feb 21 - 23 2022

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