ISO 27002 Information Security Controls – Introduction

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ISO 27002 Information Security Controls – Introduction



ISO/IEC 27002 is a global standard utilized as a source of perspective for choosing and executing data security controls recorded in ISO/IEC 27001. It additionally gives direction on the prescribed procedures of data security that help organisations select, carry out, and oversee controls, approaches, cycles, methods, and authoritative designs’ jobs and obligations. The ISO/IEC 27002 standard specifies a set of security goals and procedures that are often used in the information security industry.


During the ISO/IEC 27002 Introduction training course, you will comprehend the significance of ISMS and Information Security Controls and the advantages that organizations, society and governments can acquire. It also aids in the creation of a comprehensive framework and the improvement of information security management inside an organisation by utilising potential controls that may effectively identify and manage threats. With a PECB ISO/IEC 27002 accreditation, you demonstrate that:

  • Understand the connections between various information security controls, such as asset management, access control, operations security, human resources security, physical and environmental security, etc.
  • You can assist a company in improving its information security posture, learn how to conduct periodic risk assessments and identify appropriate risk treatment methods.
  • You have the expertise required to work as part of a team implementing information security

Who this course applies to

This course applies to a wide range of participants these include:

  • Individuals who are interested in Information Security Management and Controls
  • Individuals looking to acquire knowledge about the key processes of Information Security Management Systems and Information Security Controls

Learning objectives

  • Recognize the information security standards and information security management methods that are used to implement and manage information security controls.
  • Understand the controls required to manage information security risks


Structure of training

  • No exam

Additional Information

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Mar 01 - 03 2022

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