ISO 27001 Lead Auditor

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ISO 27001 Lead Auditor


This training course will allow you to acquire the skills required to be able to implement an Information Security Management System (ISMS) audit by utilising an extensively acknowledged audit principles, procedures and techniques.



Throughout the course, you will obtain a greater understanding and the ability to develop and transmit internal and external audits in accordance with ISO 19011 and ISO/IEC 17021-1 certification process.

This course is based on practical elements, that will allow you to gain expertise in audit techniques and enhance your skills to be able to manage the skills below:

  • An audit program
  • Audit team
  • Communication with customers
  • Conflict resolutions

Once the skills have been refined you will have the essential skills to achieve this audit. You will then be able to take an exam and be able to apply for a PCEB Certified ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Auditor credential.  By possessing a PECB Lead Auditor Certificate, show that you have the competencies and proficiencies to audit organisations founded on paramount systems.


Who this course applies to

This course applies to a wide range of participants these include:

  • Auditors who are looking to achieve and become a leader in Information Security Management System (ISMS) certification audits.
  • Managers or consultants who are looking to become virtuoso in an Information Security Management System audit process.
  • Entities who are accountable for upholding conformance with Information Security Management System requirements.
  • IT specialists who are looking to formulate for an Information Security Management System audit.
  • Professional consultants in Information Security Management.


Learning Objectives

The main learning objectives are listed below:

  • Recognise and comprehend the processes of an Information Security Management System founded on ISO/IEC 27001
  • Understand the association with ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27002 and additional standards and regulatory structures.
  • Comprehend an auditors position to: organise, run and provide continuation on a management system audit in accordance with ISO 19011
  • Acquire the skills to lead an audit and audit team.
  • Acquire the skills to understand and translate the needs of ISO/IEC 27001 with the background of an ISMS audit.
  • Obtain the abilities and capabilities of an auditor to: organise and audit, run an audit, draw up details and provide continuation on an audit in compliance with ISO 19011.


Structure of training

  • This course is built together with theory and elite exercises which are operated in ISMS audits.
  • Sessions through lectures are demonstrated with models constructed on case studies.
  • Role play and consultations are involved through case studies to provide a practical element.
  • The opportunity for practice tests which comparable to the certification exam.


Additional Information

For more information and pricing please reach out to us here at Cryptv through our contacts page.


Jul 24 2022

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