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Change Management Foundation & Practitioner


A Change Management practitioner has the tools, knowledge, and best practices to drive change and transformation in a business. Being ready to change and evolve is key to success in an increasingly competitive world, and this course is perfect for helping teams and individuals become certified as efficiently and reliably as possible. Kickstart your change management training journey today!


  • Unlock resistance to change to increase the likelihood of successful
  • Enable / facilitate teams to effectively deal with and embrace change
  • Create strategies for communicating and implementing change initiatives
  • Gain / retain employment as these lead to highly respected qualifications
  • Increase the likelihood of your projects succeeding
  • Understand and avoid the common reasons for project failure
  • Understand how to structure a project management team, ensuring all relevant stakeholders are catered for with accountability assigned
  • Ensure that project requirements (including quality standard) are properly documented

Who this course applies to:

  • Team members, managers, and stakeholders involved in change and transformation management
  • Anyone seeking a complete practical understanding of a demonstrably effective change management framework
  • Businesses looking to incorporate effective change management best practices to create permanent cultural improvements
  • Professionals involved in designing, developing, and delivering organizational change
  • Anyone seeking to pass the Change Management Foundation and Practitioner certification exams on their first attempt
  • Prospective and experienced transformation, change, and transition managers
  • Business change managers, change program managers, change project managers, transformation managers, operational line managers, and senior responsible owners
  • Change managers hoping to qualify for new networking and career opportunities

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how the process of organizational change or transformation occurs.
  • Form teams of change that contain the necessary roles and responsibilities to face organizational changes with guaranteed success.
  • Properly manage resistance to change.
  • Develop strategies to keep people motivated during the change.
  • Understand the different types of change and establish appropriate strategies to manage them.
  • Understand the training planning process and develop the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes in the organization once the change is completed.
  • Understand the program and project management framework in which the changes are implemented.
  • Learn and know how to identify and use the “levers” organizations typically used to drive and sustain changes

Structure of training

  • Foundation Domain 1: What is Change Management?
  • Foundation Domain 2: Identifying Change 1: Strategy & Drivers
  • Foundation Domain 3: Identifying Change 2: Culture Roles & Vision
  • Foundation Domain 4: Plan the Change
  • Foundation Domain 5: Change & the Individual
  • Foundation Domain 6: Stakeholder Engagement
  • Foundation Domain 7: Communication
  • Practitioner Domain 1: What is Change Management?
  • Practitioner Domain 2: The Practitioner Exam
  • Practitioner Domain 3: Change the Individual
  • Practitioner Domain 4: Change and the Organization
  • Practitioner Domain 5: Stakeholders and Communication
  • Practitioner Domain 6: Change Management Practice

Additional Information

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Dec 06 2022

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