Certified Business and Supplier Relationship Manager

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Certified Business and Supplier Relationship Manager


The Business & Supplier Relationship Management Foundation program teaches you how to manage service provider and customer relationships using the right procedures. You will be able to distinguish  the different components of Business and Supplier Relationship Management, including service level management, service provider agreements, supplier management, customer satisfaction, and the change management process, after completing this training course.



You can take the exam and apply for a “Certified Business and Supplier Relationship Management Foundation” credential after finishing this course. A Foundation Certificate certifies that you have a thorough understanding of the core concepts, processes, and techniques required to execute a business and supplier relationship management process framework.


Who this course applies to

  • Individuals who work in customer and service provider interactions.
  • Individuals interested in learning more about the relationship between businesses and suppliers.
  • Purchasing Managers and Officers in a Company


Learning objectives

  • Understand the basic elements of business relationship and supplier management, as well as the main procedure involved.
  • Understand the purpose, content, and relationship between the regulatory frameworks for business relationships and supplier management.
  • Understand the principles, methodologies, standards, methodologies, and procedures for implementing and managing Business & Supplier Management.


Structure of training

  • Practical questions and examples are used to illustrate lecture sessions.
  • Examples and debates are included in the practical tasks.
  • The Certification Exam is comparable to the practise examinations.


Jun 08 - 11 2022

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