Business Continuity Management System

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Business Continuity Management System


ISO 22301 enables you to respond effectively and quickly based on pre-event, during-event, and post-event protocols. When you implement a Business Continuity Plan in your company, you are preparing for the unexpected. Your organisation’s Business Continuity Plan ensures that it will continue to operate without substantial disruptions or losses.


Being certified against ISO 22301 gives you the power of providing a premium level of services to your shareholders no matter the circumstances. ISO 22301 acknowledges you the ability to secure data backups, minimize major losses and maximize the recovery time of critical functions.

Many advantages come with ISO 22301 certification, including:


  • Learn how a Business Continuity Management System can assist you in achieving your business goals.
  • Learn how to lead a team through the ISO 22301 implementation process.
  • Improve your reputation management skills.
  • Improve your customer’s trustworthiness.
  • Risks should be identified and events should be minimised.

Who this course applies to

  • Individuals interested in Business Continuity Management
  • Individuals seeking to gain knowledge about the main processes of a Business Continuity Management System (BCMS)

Learning objectives

  • Learn how to implement a Business Continuity Management System by understanding the principles, approaches, methods, and strategies.
  • Recognise the fundamental components of a Business Continuity Management System.

Structure of training

  • Discussion questions and examples are included in lecture sessions.
  • Multiple-choice questions are included in the activities.
  • Participants are encouraged to communicate with one another and participate in discussions and quizzes.

Additional Information

For more information and pricing please reach out to us here at Cryptv through our contacts page.


Mar 14 - 16 2022

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