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BPMN 2.0 Foundation & Practitioner


The ‘Business Process Model and Notation’ is an essential tool for creating end-to-end models of key business processes. This, in turn, helps businesses to optimize their processes, find flaws, and make complex decisions with a much deeper perspective of how things work. Becoming certified in BPMN also helps business analysts to enjoy fantastic career and networking opportunities. Kickstart your BPMN 2.0 training today!


  • Organizations can use BPMN at different levels. They can use a subset of it, mainly its graphical elements, to visualize processes.
  • These graphical elements can be augmented with attributes and properties, to enable process analysis or execution in a Process Management Execution Engine.
  • BPMN has a simple, but powerful semantic. Process models can be created by business personnel.
  • They can be augmented or enriched, by more experienced business or technical personnel.
  • BPMN modeling of event and exception handling are key aspects that position BPMN as a leader in modeling notations.
  • Provides an intuitive and easy way for non-expert users in BPM to understand a process diagram.
  • Represents the semantics of complex processes easily and in an intelligible form.
  • It reduces noise communication between the process design stage and implementation, execution and management.

Who this course applies to:

  • Prospective and experienced business analysts seeking certification in one of the world’s most popular business process modeling languages
  • Managers in organizations that utilize BPMN for planning key projects and objectives
  • Stakeholders who require a greater understanding of the BPMN language
  • Businesses looking to adopt the BPMN modeling language

Learning Objectives

  • How to use BPMN Version 2.0 to create end-to-end business process workflows that can be readily adopted and understood in all areas of a business
  • BPMN’s rules for consistent diagram composition
  • How BPMN can make key processes easier to understand, assess, and improve
  • How BPMN can boost communication and comprehension across your organization
  • How BPMN practitioners use the BPMN language to communicate and facilitate process modeling work
  • How BPMN models make it easier for stakeholders to make essential decisions
  • Everything there is to know from the BPMN Foundation and BPMN Practitioner syllabuses

Structure of training

  • BPMN Level 1 – Domain 1: Course Overview
  • BPMN Level 1 – Domain 2: What is BPMN?
  • BPMN Level 1 – Domain 3: Getting Started with BPMN
  • BPMN Level 1 – Domain 4: Pools, Subprocesses, and Hierarchical Modeling
  • BPMN Level 1 – Domain 5: Collaboration and a “Complete” Top-Level Diagram
  • BPMN Level 1 – Domain 6: BPMN Concepts and the High Level Map
  • BPMN Level 1 – Domain 7: Creating BPMN with The Method
  • BPMN Level 1 – Domain 8: BPMN Style
  • BPMN Level 2 – Domain 1: Events Overview and Using Timer Events
  • BPMN Level 2 – Domain 2: Sending, Receiving, and Using Message Events
  • BPMN Level 2 – Domain 3: Using Error, Event Sub-processes, and the Other Level 2 Events
  • BPMN Level 2 – Domain 4: Branching and Merging
  • BPMN Level 2 – Domain 5: Iteration
  • BPMN Level 2 – Domain 6: Following the Rules, and Next Steps

Additional Information

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Mar 07 - 12 2022

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